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Product type:Electric grease lubricating pump

Product Name:WD-40F

Product Detail


WD-40F Centralized lubrication system is designed in order to meet the high viscosity of grease, and will apply years NLGI I# medium, the system maximum pressure can reach 12 mpa, the grades of guarantee for fat at the same time, the winter and summer are applicable in the region。

Leading technology points
? plunger pump structure, and high pressure in the design, more stable performance;
? set fan pressure oil in the pump body plate, screw pressure grease, liposuction is more conducive to pump components;
? adding pressure inside the barrel oil pan device, auxiliary fan pressure oil plate fat, increase under the condition of low temperature pump components liposuction efficiency;Pressure oil pan device can clean the barrel wall, observed in grease oil drum, the be clear at a glance, can prevent the lubricating pump grease in the turbulence, working condition of vibration environment in splash, volatility in barrel;
? solenoid valve pressure relief agencies, easy to control;
? system increase low oil level alarm function, need to driver in bridge monitoring oil level, when the oil level is too low alarm filling grease, no need to regularly check oil consumption condition;
? main components modular design, make the lubrication pump more concise appearance, less susceptible to collision damage, failure diagnosis and maintenance of change is more simple and easy;
? distributor high-pressure design;Modular assembly, adapt to high pressure, high viscosity oil, to adapt to the low - temperature 45 ℃ environment.


Technical parameter table


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