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Product type:Electric grease lubricating pump

Product Name:WD-40B

Product Detail

WD - 40 b centralized lubrication system is designed for high viscosity oil injection (formation oil viscosity high or low temperature state reasons) design of series products.This series of pressure up to 8.5 MPa, twice more than other products, to ensure the high viscosity oil pumping, hosts, has now become the largest export cold area, specify the lubrication system of the country.


Leading technology points
The variable pressure relief valve, pressure up to 8.5 MPa, effectively improve the ability of remote oil output;
System is equipped with viscosity sensor to fit the overflow valve and high pressure oil pump use, guarantee system under the environment of various oil stability;
LCD screen is high intelligent controller to provide personalized Settings, have timeout alarm function, and the operation is simple;
Oil viscosity sensor equipped can effectively reduce the deposition at the bottom of the tank, oil not metamorphism;
System USES oil solidification technology, improve the oil liquid, use oil is more stable, more smoothly;
Using pressurized distributor, the oil pump out of the oil pressure directly into all lubricating points, ensure lubricating effect.



Technical parameter table


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